DJ Krivan, Franco Capuano – GT 390 vs. Never say no



1. GT 390 (8:13 min) - DJ Krivan (Original Version)
2. Never say no (7:21 min) - Franco Capuano (Original Version)

Wenn der Weg dir das Ziel ist, ist das Ziel schon in Sicht,
Sonne scheint durch die Bäume als flackerndes Licht,
Wind bläst durch dein Haar, doch du hörst ihn kaum,
für dich ertönt nur GT 390 Sound.

If the route‘s your destination, then you‘re already there,
sun is shining through trees painting shapes in the air,
wind blows through your hair but it‘s nothing but noise
cause the GT 390 is the sound of your choice.
Never say no

Hey, what‘s wrong with you, we‘re freed from desire around the world and our feelings
for you have always been topless cause if you wanna ride go ride the magic carpet and it
will be a funk phenomena like this new ninetyish classic house track.

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